Clean Chemistry

Clean and Green

No nasties, no exceptions: Clean shouldn’t mean spreading toxins all over your home.  Let nature do the hard work: Our living ecosystem is miraculously full of regenerative processes and cycles. From photosynthesis to the carbon cycle, nature already knows how to clean. We harness this power by using plant-derived ingredients as our active cleaners.Lifecycle: infinity: We rigorously study each ingredient’s and product’s environmental impact through a detailed lifecycle analysis. All our formulas are readily biodegradable, and we never use ingredients that bioaccumulate. Our plant-powered cleaners are made from renewable resources. If it touches your skin, it’s likely in your body.:  Floor cleaner, If it’s on your skin, it’s likely to enter your body. Our hypoallergenic formulas are dermatologist tested and use only the safest ingredients. That means our detergents and cleaners won’t harm you if left on your skin. Clean, essentialist chemistry: It’s not rocket science; it’s soap science. And sustainable chemistry shouldn’t be over-engineered. Every ingredient in every product is carefully selected and optimized, which means we never add unnecessary ingredients like dyes, optical brighteners, or fillers. Transparency is our way of life.: We’re proud of the ingredients we use and the products we make. You have the right to see and understand the products you bring into your home. That’s why we use fully list all our ingredients.Pencils never down, because science never stands still.: We believe it’s our responsibility to push green chemistry forward, and our work is never done. We research, prototype, test, iterate, optimize, then rinse & repeat. We are tinkerers, boundary-breakers, and innovators. Sustainable chemistry is constantly evolving, and we’re at the forefront of that progress.

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