Our History

Since 2014 our founder, Anish Arora, has been making cleaning products, i.e. Tap Cleaner. It’s been a long ride for Anish and Glitz Cleaner. Initially, we are only doing private labeling for more than 25 different faucet manufacturing brands. With a long experience of 8 years, Anish decided to use his experience to provide a safer and more effective alternative to traditional household cleaners. Since 2014 all the formulations were developed by our founder, and from the very first day, he had a clear vision to make all products that were safer for our planet and family. After performing thousands of experiments, he developed a range of home care cleaners, which were formulated with plant and mineral-based ingredients. Finally, Anish decided not to become only a natural product-based company but also solving the day-to-day problems of people by adding the precious properties of essential oils in each product as per their needs.  

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